We are dedicated to a simple life of service.


Many have come to Teach the holiness of a God.
And still there is no Peace in the World.
Many have come to Teach the holiness of a Man. 
And still there is no Peace in the World.
When Many come to Teach the holiness of Children.
Then there will be Peace in the World

Under every thing there is Love

Are you willing to Let Go of who you think you are?
To Make way for who you really are.

Mission Statement

The Invitation Society is a teaching, healing and spiritual ministry dedicated to celebrating, and honoring the true nature of All Beings.

We are committed to serving the spiritual needs of those who seek our guidance, counsel, or assistance, without regard to race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or age.

 Our mission is to  Co-Create an experience that expresses our own Divine Nature.

The Invitation Society believes  that the Creator has given each one of us an Invitation.

To receive this “Invitation” we must first understand the Language in which  it is given.

This Language is a Feeling we create inside of our body.
It is the “Feeling of Appreciation and Gratitude”

Holding this Feeling while imagining our desired outcome.
Knowing that it’s already done
Without any attachment to the outcome.
We then “BECOME” the Invitation.

When all of humanity can stand fully in balance in Expression and Reception in what we create in our lives, then our mission will be complete.
To this end we the member of The Invitation Society dedicate the remainder of our days upon the earth.


Membership is granted to those who submit a written request for membership, and who demonstrate willingness to live a life of simple service through receiving and extending
‘Simple Unconditional Love’.

If you are of like mind with us and you would like more information about membership in The Invitation Society, or, if you have any questions or comments, we welcome your e-mail contact.


The Invitation Society is funded through the generosity of others. This is accomplished through donations, fundraisers, and any projects or services that can be accomplished with the resources of the Director, and/or the private members of The Invitation Society.
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Peacefully Co-Existence with all Governments and Governmental Agencies 
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The Invitation Society
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